The Prince of Mafia Princes

Bellomo’s enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, takes on the Russian mob in her fourth book, “The Prince of Mafia Princes.”


Life is good for Louie Morelli. He’s rich, happily married, and having a fling with the blonde in his office. Louie’s even convinced himself that he’s just another South Florida entrepreneur. Then he discovers that his son, Tony, is being blackmailed by a couple of enterprising escorts and their nefarious associates. A meeting with a Russian mob boss is supposed to put an end to Tony’s troubles, but Louie’s inquiries set off a chain reaction, beginning with the brutal murder of a call girl. The next day Louie’s loyal friend, Victor DeAngelis, is gunned down on the Fort Lauderdale strip.

While Victor fights for his life, Louie tracks his would-be assassin, exposing himself and his family to a ruthless killer. After dodging bullets on his own driveway, Louie is determined to retaliate. But before he can act, the FBI steps in, And, suddenly, life is so not good for Louie.


Romantic mafia thriller
“Louie Morelli had a fondness for all things Italian. Thus, when his daughter decorated his Boca Raton office, she acquired his inlaid walnut desk in a showroom on the Via Montenapoleone. Louie’s mahogany-leather executive chair and shorter-backed guest chairs had been imported from the same Milanese designer, and his buffed travertine floor, with its swirls of bronze and amber, was carved from an ancient quarry once favored by Michelangelo. Louie himself was Sicilian, and with his dark good looks and impeccable sense of style, he could pass for an Italian movie star. But his cadence was New Orleans working class, and sitting at his beautiful desk with the glare of the Florida sun diffused by the tinted, impact-resistant glass on the arched windows behind him, Louie looked immensely rich and unmistakably American.”

The Prince of Mafia Princes

Award Badge for Prince of Mafia Princes.

Copyright 2015 by Patricia Bellomo 

The Prince of Mafia Princes and Bellomo’s other books are available at and Available in print and digital forms, for all e-readers.

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Ghostly Encounters: My Experience with Chloe

Ghostly Encounters: My experience with Chloe at the Myrtles Plantation

Bellomo's Ghostly Encounters


The Myrtles Plantation outside of St. Francisville, about thirty miles north of Baton Rouge, is considered to be the most haunted house in Louisiana, if not the entire country.

The house has a violent past, and it is reported that ten murders have occurred on the property. The first part of the house was built in 1796, and predates the antebellum era. Additions occurred in the early nineteenth century, but the house retains a Gothic feel. It sits amidst moss-draped oaks on the gentle rise of ancient Indian graves.

The Myrtles became famous in 2002, when Unsolved Mysteries aired a segment on it. Several other television shows followed, and it is rumored that Oprah Winfrey’s crew visited, planning to stay the night, as the house functions as a bed and breakfast, but one of her producers felt a chill presence in an upstairs bedroom and was so spooked the entire crew fled. I don’t know if this story is true, but it certainly is believable.

One thing is certain. Paranormal activity abounds in the house. Coming up the drive, the grounds look tranquil, but the house sits in shadow and the energy is odd, almost electric. Knowing the history of the house, it feels as though the spirits are watching you.

Purported haunting includes that of a Confederate soldier who died on the property, as well as that of William Winters, a lawyer who occupied the house in 1871. He was shot on the porch by a disgruntled client and staggered inside, only to drop dead on the stairwell. Winters now haunts the seventeenth step.

Of all the ghosts that are said to inhabit the Myrtles, Chloe is by far the most famous. Chloe was a house slave and the mistress of Judge Clark Woodruff. The Woodruff family resided in the house, and included the Judge, his wife Sarah Matilda, and their two daughters.

The story goes that Chloe was an habitual eavesdropper, frequently listening outside of doorways and spreading gossip. As punishment, Judge Woodruff ordered her left ear cut off. Chloe was then banished from the house.

Ghostly Encounters: The Myrtles Plantation

Attempting to reclaim her former position, Chloe baked a birthday cake for Sarah Matilda and her two daughters. But this cake contained poisonous oleander leaves. There are conflicting theories regarding Chloe’s motive. One is revenge, but many believe Chloe did not intend to kill anyone. Rather, she wanted to make the family sick so that she could heal them and regain her status.

But something went horribly wrong. Sarah Matilda and her daughters fell violently ill and died during the night. Fearful of their own safety, outraged slaves hung Chloe from a tree on the property and threw her body into the river.

“Sarah Matilda and her daughters fell violently ill and died during the night.”

Occurring in one night, these four deaths account for much of the Myrtles haunting. The little girls are active all over the house, and guests report hearing children crying. Chloe has been sighted in the house and on the grounds, and has even shown up as a shadowy figure in a photograph taken by the house’s current owner.

It is this photograph which caused my own interaction with Chloe. On a visit some years ago, I took the tour while my husband, a skeptic, drowsed in a rocking chair on the veranda. While I did not experience anything frightful during my tour, I did have a sense of being watched.

It was in the gift shop, after the tour, when I had my own ghostly encounter. Roused from his lackadaisical slumber, my husband accompanied me into the small shop, which appears to occupy the house’s former kitchen. It was a slow day at the Myrtles, and there were no other visitors about. In the shop were the clerk, my husband, and myself. On the counter near the register were reprints of the owner’s famous photo, which shows a shadowy outline of Chloe, standing atop the roof.

Picking up the postcard and handing it to my husband, I said, “See, this is the image of the ghost.”

Ever the skeptic, my husband looked at me like I was nuts and waved a dismissive hand. At this time I said to the clerk. “Don’t mind him. He doesn’t believe in ghosts.”

Lo and behold, at this exact moment a large book fell from a bookcase on the far wall. It was a heavy hardcover book, and it came down as though it was deliberately thrown, landing near my husband’s feet. The clerk and I exchanged startled glances. My husband didn’t say another word.

Patricia Bellomo is the author of the Louie Morelli mafia romance series. Books include Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Louie Morelli’s Daughter, Stella di Mare, and the award-winning The Prince of Mafia Princes. All books available at and on all ereaders.

Ghostly Encounters: Copyright 2016 by Patricia Bellomo: All rights reserved.

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde


In Louie Morelli’s words …

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde.

I’m in New Orleans visiting my daughter. No, not Stella, but my other little girl, the one I don’t talk about: Ceci, the lovechild I had with my late, longtime mistress, Mercedes.

Ceci’s more French than Italian, more Mercedes daughter than mine, but still, she’s my daughter, Daddy’s little girl. Ceci has her mother’s looks. She’s always been beautiful, now, on the verge of puberty, she’s stunning.

We’re at the Café Du Monde. It’s an old routine of ours—beignets and café au lait with the tourists. We sit street side because that’s where Ceci likes to sit. A rumble tumble jazz band is playing on Decatur Street, the same band as always. Beneath the canopy, the air is sluggish and humid. It’s midmorning and Ceci is supposed to be at school. She wears the uniform of the Sacred Heart Academy. I’ll deliver her to the uptown academy after our visit. At least, I’m expected to. But sometimes Ceci wants to play hooky. And I almost always let her. In fact, I say to her now, “Do you want to go to school or hang with Victor and me all day?”

“Do you want to go to school or hang with Victor and me all day?”

Ceci looks beyond me, to where Victor and one of Anthony’s men are idling near the entrance. Victor’s wearing a lavender linen jacket, one side weighted with his Beretta. I have enemies in New Orleans, my hometown. Not that I’m particularly concerned about being gunned down at the Café du Monde, but still, old habits die hard. It’s best to be prepared.

Ceci considers my question. Her mouth is dusted with powdered sugar. She says, “Will I see Uncle Anthony, too?”

“Yes, and the mayor. Your remember Mayor Blakely, don’t you?”

“Of course.” Ceci’s twelve going on thirty. Daddy’s little girl has never really been a child. She was born gifted—the type of child who reads Tarot cards and plays with voodoo dolls.

Ceci tilts her head, looking at me. “I want to stay with you,” she says.

That’s that. Daddy’s little girl has spoken. I signal the Vietnamese waiter, letting him know we’re done.

Bellomo's Mafia Thrillers

Bellomo’s Mafia Romance Books

Patricia Bellomo is the author of the “Louie Morelli” series. Books include The Prince of Mafia Princes, Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Stella di Mare, and Louie Morelli’s Daughter. Books available at Also in digital format for all e-readers.

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Mobsters in Fiction

Mobsters in Ficton: Louie Morelli:

Mobsters in Fiction: Louie Morelli

“Who is your favorite mobster, Mrs. Bellomo?”

The question was recently posed at a luncheon where I was the keynote speaker. We were discussing mobsters in fiction. This was easy. After all, there is only one fictitious mobster that means anything to me. So I answered without hesitation. “Louie Morelli,” I said.

We were discussing mobsters in fiction.

My audience was expecting this. And they understood. Really, how can Louie not be my favorite mobster? I gave life to him.

The ladies seemed to appreciate this answer. They like Louie, too. In fact, some of them love Louie. It’s true on page and off. Women do love Louie. They love him because he’s a dark hero–an enigmatic mobster who employs violent and, occasionally, underhanded methods. The ladies don’t mind that he cheats on his long-suffering wife. They love Louie because he’s Louie—darkly handsome, filthy rich (not all of it come by honestly), and very powerful. Power is sexy. Louie is sexy.

Look at the comment from one of my female readers:  “Louie is the kind of man we all wish we knew.”

True, Louie is a badass gangster, and he can be cruel, but he’s tender and sweet to those he loves, and he takes care of his women, rescues us from the big bad world for a few hours. He’s our protector.

It’s easy to love Louie because he exists on the pages of my novels: the ultimate bad boy. Operating from a code of honor and possessing a suave sophistication that’s a bit Bondish, as in James Bond, Louie has his share of male admirers, too. He’s a pretty cool cat. And he always gets the girl.

A lot of writers can’t do mobsters. Frequently, mobsters in fiction come off as corny caricatures of Hollywood psychos. Bad to the bone. As an author, I like to explore the nuances in human nature. Truthfully, I think I have a bit of an advantage because I’ve known a lot of Louie Morelli types. Just to be clear: That doesn’t mean I know their secrets. Or even care to know them. Fiction is much more interesting.

 Fiction is much more interesting.

Anyway, as Louie’s creator, I’m totally prejudiced. Louie’s my favorite mobster. How about you?  Do you have a favorite mobster?

Bellomo's Mafia Thrillers

Bellomo’s Mafia Romance Books

Patricia Bellomo is the author of the Louie Morelli mafia romance series. Books include The Prince of Mafia Princes, Louie Morelli’s Daughter, Stella di Mare, and Louie Morelli’s Mistress. Books available at and Also available in all e-book formats.

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Louie Morelli’s Mistress: Haunting New Orleans thriller

Haunting New Orleans thriller:

Louie Morelli’s Mistress by Patricia Bellomo



What readers are saying about Louie Morelli’s Mistress:

“This novel captures the atmosphere of New Orleans, and uses it to advantage in developing the story. It is not a “mobster” story, even though one of the main characters is a criminal boss. I enjoyed the descriptions of the people and places, but they did not get in the way of a very well-told story. Surprise after surprise awaits as the story develops, and even when the reader has a suspicion of coming events, they occur in novel ways. It is an exciting read, and leaves you with much interest in what might happen in the future. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a fascinating story that is far afield from the typical romance or action thriller.”

“Great book!!! Threw your book (Louie Morelli’s Mistress) in my breifcase as I was heading off to New Orleans for vacation. Great read. Everytime I read about one of the places mentioned in the book, I added it to my must visit list. Stayed at the Royal Sonesta, and had a great stay. Your novel made it even better.”

5 star Amazon review on Louie Morelli’s Mistress:  “Makes me want to go to New Orleans.”
“All in all, an excellent book. I look forward to checking out the other books written by Ms. Bellomo. If they are half as good as this one, then that will be money well spent.”

“Louie Morelli’s Mistress … a haunting New Orleans thriller.”

Available at and



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Bellomo's Mafia Thrillers

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Dog Days of Summer

Bellomo-Dog Days of Summer

This happy pooch is reading one of Patricia Bellomo’s books. Can you guess which one?


Heading to the beach this summer?

One way to beat the heat this summer is to head off to the beach with one of Patricia Bellomo’s sexy thrillers. Part mafia romance, part family drama, Bellomo’s books provide lots of thrills for the reader seeking pure entertainment. Set in sunny South Florida, the imagery alone will place you at the beach. You’ll be transported into the world of savvy mobster, Louie Morelli. Coast along A1A with Louie and his henchman, Victor, as they try to remain legit. After all, Louie’s a businessman, a real estate mogul. But something … usually a family crisis, lures him to the dark side.

Power. Money, Sex. Bellomo’s books have it all. Perfect for an afternoon at the beach, or poolside, or on your bed beneath the cool brush of a fan. So next time you pack your beach bag, don’t forget to tuck in one of Patricia’s Bellomo’s books along with the suntan lotion and towel.

Patricia Bellomo’s books are available at or from the author’s website:

Books include: Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Stella di Mare, Louie Morelli’s Daughter, and the award-winning The Prince of Mafia Princes.


Bellomo's Mafia Thrillers

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Stella di Mare

Louie Morelli’s Daugter

The Prince of Mafia Princes

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