The Prince of Mafia Princes

The Prince of Mafia Princes


Detroit author, Patricia Bellomo, releases her latest thriller, The Prince of Mafia Princes.


Bellomo’s enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, goes to war with the Russian mafia in the fourth book of her “Louie Morelli” series. 

[dcs_p]Detroit, MI  / April 9, 2015[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


Detroit has a long and storied mob history, but local author, Patricia Bellomo, isn’t writing about the Detroit mafia. The daughter of Italian-Americans, Bellomo was raised in a quintessentially Italian neighborhood in Macomb County—a place where bloodlines and familial connections run deep.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


It’s all a little too familiar, which is why Bellomo’s infamous mobster, Louie Morelli, was born and raised in New Orleans, the son of a former crime boss that conspiracy theorists credit with the 35th president’s assassination.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


Having spent a lot of time in the Big Easy, the author credits the city with inspiring her. New Orleans also figures prominently in her novels. A previous book, Louie Morelli’s Mistress, was set entirely in the city, providing a lush backdrop for the daring and suspenseful thriller.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


Fans of Louie Morelli know that while the mobster maintains a residence on Lake Pontchartrain, he lives in Delray Beach, Florida—another one of Bellomo’s favorite spots. Three books in her series, including The Prince of Mafia Princes, are set in the Sunshine State.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


“South Florida, with its influx of travelers and transients, makes an ideal setting for some of the mischief that befalls Louie and company,” says Bellomo.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


In The Prince of Mafia Princes Bellomo’s savvy mobster aims to protect his son, Tony, who is being blackmailed by a couple of enterprising escorts and their nefarious Russian associates. A sit down with a Miami mob boss is supposed to put an end to Tony’s troubles, but Louie’s inquiries set off a chain reaction, beginning with the brutal murder of a call girl. When Louie’s faithful soldier, Victor DeAngelis, is gunned down on the Fort Lauderdale strip, he sets out to avenge the shooting, only to be waylaid by the FBI.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


Like Bellomo’s previous books, The Prince of Mafia Princes is an action-packed thriller. Told entirely from Louie’s point of view, the novel exposes his vulnerable side while highlighting the complex relationship he has with his wife. Though Louie professes to love his wife, he can’t stay faithful to her, and the flings he indulges with gorgeous young women further complicate his marriage.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


“Louie’s a bit of a chauvinist, like an old fashioned Bond,” say Bellomo, adding that her female readers really like Louie. “He’s a dark hero, the ultimate bad boy. Louie is also charming and very, very rich, and this makes him irresistible to women.”[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


The Prince of Mafia Princes is Bellomo’s fourth book. The series is non-sequential, and you can delve into this latest thriller without having read any of Bellomo’s prior releases, namely Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Stella di Mare, and Louie Morelli’s Daughter.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]


For more information about Detroit author Patricia Bellomo and her charismatic mobster, Louie Morelli, visit Patricia’s website at:  [/dcs_p][dcs_p]


All of Bellomo’s books, including The Prince of Mafia Princes, can be purchased online via and Barnes and Noble. They can also be ordered at your neighborhood bookstore. The novels are available in digital format for all e-readers, including Kindle, Nook, and ibooks.



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