Miami Beach Thriller, Stella di Mare

Miami Beach Thriller,
Stella di Mare

Bellomo’s Miami Beach Thriller Gets New Look

[dcs_p]Released in 2010, Patricia Bellomo’s Miami Beach mob thriller, Stella di Mare, was her first published book even though it ranks second (chronologically) in her “Louie Morelli” series. A year later Bellomo yanked the book, made a few necessary revisions, and re-released it. But the cover, contracted through an outfit she met at a writer’s conference in Orlando, didn’t cut it. [/dcs_p][dcs_p]

“It was not emblamatic of the story,” says Bellomo. “I’m a perfectionist, a master of the rewrite. I’ve got a great story here, a classic Miami Beach thriller. My previous cover didn’t do it justice so I hooked up with Karrie Ross of Be It Now/Book Cover Designer and she designed this gem for me. I’m excited because the cover captures the mood of the book as well as the personality of my main character, mobster Louie Morelli. It’s just so Louie.”[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

Louie Morelli is not pictured, but the cover of this glitzy Miami Beach thriller is quintessentially Louie, highlighting his love and appreciation for a beautiful woman and giving us a glimpse of his yacht, the “Stella di Mare.” The waters of Biscayne Bay yield to one of Miami’s numerous bridges. At the top is the magnificent “blue diamond,” which is central to the plot–a stolen blue diamond recovered in the swank Miami Beach hotel Louie acquires by duplicitous means. On the back of the cover (not shown here) is the shadowy outline of a gun, which is very symbolic of Louie.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

Working at the hotel is hot babe, Tara Evans. Tara never planned on getting involved with a married man, but when Louie takes over the hotel, Tara falls hard for the charismatic mobster, rushing headlong into a hot affair. Things heat up after Louie discovers that the hotel’s former proprietor, Franco Santia, has been hustling hot diamonds. When the blue diamond is discovered in one of the hotel’s guest rooms, Franco and his creepy pal, Manny, are desperate to get it back. After Manny assaults Tara, Louie “persuades” Franco to betray him. Then he devises a scam involving a famous filmmaker, an eccentric diamond dealer, a mysterious hit man, and his lovely lady, Tara.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

Stella di Mare is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Book is available in print and digital for all e-readers.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

Bellomo’s series is non-sequential. Her latest mafia thriller is The Prince of Mafia Princes, released on April 1, 2015. Previous books include Louie Morelli’s Mistress and Louie Morelli’s Daughter.

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