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Pasta e Pasta: Sip & Sample

Mob Blog:  Sip and Sample at Pasta e Pasta

Pasta e Pasta is hosting local author, Patricia Bellomo, at their Chesterfield store on Wednesday, November 18, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

The founder of Pasta e Pasta, Carlo DeAngelis, is a fan of Bellomo’s. “I’ve read every one of Patricia’s books,” says DeAngelis, who gets a kick out of the fact that he shares a surname with Bellomo’s character, Victor DeAngelis. Of course, Pasta e Pasta’s DeAngelis has little in common with Bellomo’s audacious Victor, who is definitely on the “muscle” side of the family.

What Bellomo’s character and Pasta e Pasta’s founder do have in common is a love of good food, and a talent for preparing it. According to Bellomo, “They’re both awesome cooks.”

Pasta e Pasta translates to Pasta is just Pasta.”

Carlo and his daughter, Carla DeAngelis, work as a team. Carla also happens to be the owner of Pasta e Pasta. Menu items prepared on site and available for purchase are old family recipes. Pasta is king, whether it’s in the form of lasagna, cannelloni, stuffed shells, or ravioli. The DeAngelis’s also make a variety of homemade sauces and soups, distributing their products to local groceries and Italian markets. All of their products are made with fresh, natural ingredients.

Bellomo’s suspense thrillers feature Italian characters. “Mobsters who love to eat,” says the author. Inevitably, in every book there is a scene in which Victor is cooking. Frequently, pasta is on the menu, with sauce simmering on the stove.

“Because of Victor’s superb culinary skills, many of my readers assume I’m a cook,” says Bellomo. “But I’m too busy writing to cook. Books are my passion.”

Books are Bellomo’s passion, but pasta is definitely Pasta e Pasta’s passion, which is why the store is combining a “Meet the Author” event with a “Sip and Sample,” featuring some of their bestselling pastas served with a sip of vino.

Pasta e Pasta: Sip & Sample

Sip & Sample: Pasta e Pasta

There is no cost for the food or wine, although after a delicious sampling, you may wish to buy some prepackaged homemade pasta or sauce. Bellomo will also have copies of her books available for purchase, including her latest thriller, The Prince of Mafia Princes.

Bellomo’s books include Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Stella di Mare, Louie Morelli’s Daughter, and The Prince of Mafia Princes. Books can be purchased online from Amazon and are available in print and digital formats.

Pasta e Pasta is located at 48712 Gratiot, in Chesterfield Township, just south of 22 Mile in the Kingston Plaza.



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