If you’re planning a beach trip, Stella di Mare, the second novel in Bellomo’s “Louie Morelli” series, is the book to take with you.

Miami Beach Mafia Thriller, Stella di Mare

Miami Beach  Mafia Thriller,
Stella di Mare

Stella di Mare, A Miami Beach Mafia Thriller


Tara Evans never planned on getting involved with a married man, but when Louie Morelli assumes control of the swank Miami Beach hotel she works for, Tara falls hard for the charismatic mobster, rushing headlong into a hot affair. Things heat up after Louie discovers that the hotel’s former proprietor, Franco Santia, has been hustling hot diamonds. Soon a rare gem—a magnificent “blue diamond” is uncovered. The diamond is Franco’s ticket to paradise, and he and his creepy pal, Manny, are desperate to get it back. After Manny accosts Tara, Louie “persuades” Franco to betray Manny. Then he devises a scam involving a famous filmmaker, an eccentric diamond dealer, a mysterious hit man, and his lovely lady, Tara.

Available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com.

Released in print and on all E-readers.



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