Goodreads Book Give Away: The Prince of Mafia Princes

The Prince of Mafia Princes

The Prince of Mafia Princes

[dcs_p]Ten free copies of Patricia Bellomo’s latest thriller, “The Prince of Mafia Princes” will be given away via a Goodreads Giveaway on July 17, 2015.[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

To enter drawing, click here:  [/dcs_p][dcs_p]

Requirements: Goodreads account.(Must be 18 to enter. Some violence/sexual content.)[/dcs_p][dcs_p]

The Prince of Mafia Princes is a Miami Beach mob thriller in which Bellomo’s enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, goes to war with the Russian mafia.[/dcs_p] [dcs_p]

These is the fourth book in Bellomo’s “Louie Morelli” series. Previous books include:  Louie Morelli’s Mistress, Stella di Mare, and Louie Morelli’s Daughter.

[/dcs_p][dcs_p]Hop on over to Goodreads today to take advantage of this offer. Remember, ten books will be given away. Why not register to win one?


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