Mob Blog: The Eagles Cheerleaders,  March 5, 2016

Breakfast with the Eagles Cheerleaders

The Eagles Cheerleaders – Patricia Bellomo

I have a meeting with a big name investor this morning. It’s strictly legit—the guy’s a high financier who likes to gobble up South Florida real estate. We’re discussing a future project, and he wants to do breakfast so Victor and I meet him at the Marriott on the corner of Atlantic and A1A in Delray Beach. The investor’s a little square, and he gets a thrill out of doing business with someone who is “connected.”

That’s what he says to me anyhow. “Lou, I know you’re connected.”

His eyes shift to Victor, and I could see he’s wondering if he’s gone too far. But I merely smile, and Victor nods cordially, and we make pleasant over our fruit and coffee. By the time our eggs arrive we’re talking high finance. Then a couple of stunners walk by, and we momentarily suspend our conversation.  A few minutes later at least a dozen more young ladies come in and join them. They’re sleek and tanned and some are blonde and some are brunettes and a few girls are black, and they are all so damned lovely our meeting grinds to a halt. They enter in groups of two and four and join their friends at long tables, and suddenly the Marriott’s looking like a sorority club.

“Suddenly, the room is filled with cheerleaders … Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.

One perky young thing next to us is even entertaining her grandmother, the two of them exchanging gift baskets. The room fills with chatter and high-pitched laughter, and I’m reminded of the parties Stella used to have. But these girls are all fit and toned and wearing tiny shorts and bikini tops and gauzy little outfits. There are a lot of implants and bleached teeth and bright smiles, and Victor, who hasn’t missed a meal since he did his two year stint in Angola twenty-five years ago, shoves aside his banana pancakes. “Jesus,” he says, “what is this, some kind of modeling thing?”

My guest says, “It’s quite a show, isn’t it?”

Two beauties plop down on Victor’s side of the table, and he gets the story. They’re cheerleaders for the Eagles, and they’re in Delray Beach to do their annual calendar shoot. Soon we’ve got five gorgeous young girls sipping orange juice at our table, and Victor’s cracking jokes. Then he mentions that we’re planning to take the Stella di Mare down to Lauderdale this afternoon, and the young ladies get all excited. They’d love to go for a boat ride. I ask my pal, the investor, if he’d like to come along, and he’s all for it. So I guess I’m playing hooky with the Eagles cheerleaders. Life is pretty damn good.

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