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Louie Morelli's Daughter

Midwest Book Review says … "Louie Morelli’s Daughter is a fast packed action and adventure thriller, highly recommended." In Bellomo's third mafia thriller, Loiue Morelli's beautiful daughter gets kidnapped, sending him on a mission of rescue and revenge.

Louie Morelli's Mistress

In this daring and suspenseful mob thriller, the first in Bellomo's "Louie Morelli" series, New Orleans Realtor, Robert Fonteany, falls in love with the mobster's exotic mistress.

Stella Di Mare

A riveting mafia thriller in which hot babe, Tara Evans, fall hard for enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, becoming his partner in crime as they market a stolen diamond.

The Prince of Mafia Princes

Enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, goes to war with the Russian mafia in Bellomo's fourth mafia thriller.

Mafia Fiction by Suspense Writer, Patricia Bellomo.

Bellomo's latest mafia thriller:

The Prince of Mafia Princes

Bellomo’s enigmatic mobster, Louie Morelli, goes to war with the Russian mafia in the fourth book of her "Louie Morelli" series, The Prince of Mafia Princes.
The Prince of Mafia Princes

Prince Mafia Prince

  Life is good for Louie Morelli. He's rich, happily married, and having a fling with the blonde in his office. Louie's even convinced himself that he's just another South Florida entrepreneur. Then he discovers that his son, Tony, is being blackmailed by a couple of enterprising escorts and their nefarious associates. A meeting with a Russian mob boss is supposed to put an end to Tony's troubles, but Louie's inquiries set off a chain reaction, beginning with the brutal murder of a call girl. The next day, Louie's loyal friend, Victor DeAngelis, is gunned down on the Fort Lauderdale strip. While Victor fights for his life, Louie tracks his would be assassin, exposing himself and his loved ones to a ruthless killer. After dodging bullets on his own driveway, Louie is determined to retaliate. But before he can act, the FBI steps in. And, suddenly, life is so not good for Louie.

Remember, it’s all fiction: Fiction that reads like truth. Prepare to be entertained.