Mafia Thrillers by Patricia Bellomo

“I felt a little bad about killing the man, but what choice did I have?” … Louie Morelli, “The Prince of Mafia Princes.”

Bellomo's Mob Thriller, Louie Morelli's Mistress

Louie Morelli's Mistress

A naive New Orleans Realtor falls in love with the mobster’s exotic mistress in this daring and suspenseful thriller.

Miami Mafia thriller, Stella di Mare

Stella di Mare

A riveting Miami Beach thriller in which hot babe, Tara Evans, falls hard for charismatic mobster, Louie Morelli.

Bellomo's mob book, Louie Morelli's Daughter

Louie Morelli's Daughter

Midwest Book Reveiew … “Louie Morelli’s Daughter is a fast-paced action and adventure thriller, highly recommended.”

The Prince of Mafia Princes

Louie Morelli goes to war with the Russian mafia in Bellomo’s fourth thriller.

Royal Palm Literary Award

Award winning novel: The Prince of Mafia Princes

Patricia Bellomo says … “My novels are not traditional ‘mob’ stories. Rather, they are compelling stories about characters who happen to be mobsters.”

Negotiation ... Mafia Style. (Patricia Bellomo)

"Negotiation ... Mafia Style."


“I don’t want you going back to that apartment. You’re with me now, and I’m going to take care of you.”  … Louie Morelli, Stella di Mare

“Drinks or dinner is fine, but you only have sex with me.” … Louie Morelli, The Prince of Mafia Princes.

“The thing with having money, and not all of it honestly come by, is that you have to find places to put it.”

“Bellomo’s sizzling mafia read is perfect for the beach.”

“The story continues with blood, sex, and family.”

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Louie Morelli’s Mistress

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Louie Morelli's Mistress

Stella di Mare

Louie Morelli's Daughter

The Prince of Mafia Princes

Stella di Mare

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